Message from the Vice-Chancellor

v-kanagasingam.jpeg Eastern University, Sri Lanka (EUSL) was established as the Batticaloa University College on 1st August 1981 with two faculties: the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agriculture. On 1st October 1986, the University College was elevated to the status of a full-fledged university under the name of Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies was adjoined with the Eastern University, Sri Lanka as its institute in 2002. At present the Eastern University, Sri Lanka has expanded its activities with six faculties and a campus at Trincomalee. Altogether over 8670 students from different communities are pursuing their higher education in the University.

My vision is to elevate EUSL to be a “World-class knowledge centre by recognising excellent teaching, learning and research for enhancement of community wellbeing”. EUSL is located at a strategic location in the Eastern Part of Sri Lanka. All three communities are living together harmoniously in the province. Thus, EUSL has the social responsibility to cater for the needs of all three communities and function as a centre for the integration of multi-ethnic and multi-religious communities.

The university is a social organization that should be adopted and incorporated in all possible ways to respond to the contemporary issues such as graduates’ unemployment, lack of industrial linkages, and less commercialized research outputs of the university, while the major roles of University are (i) Producing employable and abled graduates, (ii) Maintaining and upgrading commercialized research and (iii) Community Services. These will be achieved through a multi-disciplinary and participatory approach, by focusing on “outcome-based, scientifically evident and community linked” initiatives to address the unmet needs in the region in the context of socioeconomic status and quality of life of the people, along with the national integrity and social harmony through technological innovation.

Research and innovation in the higher education sector are the main outputs that fundamentally strengthen and lead to regional and national development. I cordially invite all stakeholders to join with us and contribute to the process of transforming Eastern University, Sri Lanka into a prestigious university, and to ensure its deliverable outputs for the expected outcomes to the unmet needs at regional, national and international levels at large.
I am more than happy to welcome all interested stakeholders to create coordination and cooperation with us to uplift the status of Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

Prof V Kanagasingam (AMIPM-SL)
Vice-Chancellor & Professor in Management  
Ph D (PIM-USJP), M Sc. (Management) (USJP), BBA (Hons.) EUSL, CTHE (UoC), CRHEM (Thailand)
Eastern University, Sri Lanka


Annual General Convocation 2021

Date: 01st  & 02nd October 2022

Aptitude Test to select undergraduates for BA(Hons) in Translation Studies 2021/2022

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Engineering Faculty at the EUSL


The Eastern University, Sri Lanka initiated actions to establish an Engineering Faculty.

The Committee, appointed by the Council of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka (EUSL) to carry out the initial works related to establishing the said Faculty at the EUSL, has recently met under the chairmanship of Prof. V. Kanagasingam / Vice-Chancellor

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Life at EUSL

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Academic Programs


The Eastern University, Sri Lanka offers a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees, Diploma and Certificate courses.

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Centre of excellence for higher learning in Sri Lanka.


To facilitate learning, research, and dissemination of knowledge to produce competent graduate through conducive environment with industry-community collaboration to serve socio-economic and cultural needs of the community.



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