Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission
Vision :- To be a Centre of Excellence for higher learning and research in Technology to meet challenging needs.
Mission :- To produce men and women of the highest professional Standard contributing towards technology enhancement, dissemination of knowledge and skill and involvement in sustained productivity of Sri Lanka

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History of Faculty of Technology

The Government of Sri Lanka introduced the Technology stream to Sri Lankan school system in 2013 as a strategy of harnessing talents of youth to capture the advantage of relevant emerging technologies to drive the economy by providing an education which embraces competencies to satisfy the needs of the Nation. The GCE Advanced Level examination although a certification examination, but the results of it also serve for the selection of students for Sri Lankan universities and other higher education institutes. The examinations under this newly introduced technology stream were held for the first time in the year 2015. Hence the introduction of new undergraduate programmes into the Sri Lankan university system by establishing Faculty of Technology will provide an avenue for those who are ambitious to work in the industry and/or pursue higher studies under technology stream. Ministry of Education together with the National Institute of Education (NIE) having identified the importance of the knowledge on the Technological subjects, decided to introduce the Technological Stream to the Advanced Level. Several Academics from leading universities have been engaged in the preparation of the syllabuses for the Technological Stream. The Technological stream is to be distinctly identifiable as a separate stream at the Advanced Level and more focused on technology subjects. It comprises of following subjects;

Students could select either Engineering Technology or Biosystems Technology subjects for the Advanced Level. The second subject in the three subjects' combination chosen by a student is "Science for Technology" which will provide necessary fundamentals of science, mathematics and information technology to directly support the learning of the chosen technology subject. "Science for Technology" is compulsory for all students. The third subject could be selected from the following Basket of nine subjects: Economics, Geography, Home Economics, Logic and Scientific Method, Communication and Media Studies, Art, Information and Communication Technology, Business Studies and Agriculture Science.

The Faculty of Technology shall fulfil the mission of the University by building an educational system more suited to the technological needs of the country, which goes beyond the confines of the conventional knowledge systems and requires human resources with the technological skills and experience for the progress of technology in the Country. Eastern University, Sri Lanka had decided to establish the Faculty of Technology to support the government initiation. Thus the project of Establishment of Faculty of Technology at the Eastern University, Sri Lanka was initiated in July 2014. Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka had come forward accepting to prepare a proposal for establishing Department of Biosystems Technology and designing curriculum for Bachelor of Biosystems Technology (BBST) in Agricultural Technology and Entrepreneurship degree programme. Initially, team comprising few academics from the Faculty of Agriculture took over the responsibilities of developing curriculum for Bachelor of Biosystems Technology (BBST) in Agricultural Technology and Entrepreneurship degree programme and drafting proposals for establishing Department of Biosystems Technology and Faculty of Technology. Workshops were organized to understand the student’s attributes, breadth and depth of the curriculum. Subsequently, several senior academics from the Faculty of Agriculture took part in the process and progress of proposed curriculum was presented to the University Senate. At this stage, the University Senate recommended to establish following Departments in the Faculty of Technology.

The proposed curriculum of BBST in Agricultural Technology and Entrepreneurship, proposals for establishing Department of Biosystems Technology and Faculty of Technology were then recommended to the University Council upon the approval of the University Senate in September 2015. Followed by the recommendation of the University Council in October 2015, University Grants Commission approved the proposed curriculum of Bachelor of Biosystems Technology in Agricultural Technology and Entrepreneurship. Ministry of Higher Education and Highways of Sri Lanka officially announced the establishment of the Faculty of Technology with two Departments viz: Department of Biosystems Technology, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies through the Gazette Extraordinary (No. 1948/59 Order under Section 27(1), THE UNIVERSITIES ACT, No. 16 of 1978) that was published on 18th January, 2017.

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Bachelor of Bio Systems technology in Agriculture Technology and Entrepreneourship

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Faculty of Technology

Acting Dean
Dr. K.Premakumar
B.Sc. Agric. (UPDN, Sri Lanka), M.Sc. (AIT,Thailand), Ph.D. (IARI, India)

Assistant Registrar
Mr. M.S.M.Imthiyas
BBA (SEUSL), Cert in BA (cima)

Other staff

Management assistant
Mr. M. Nitharsan

Management assistant
Mr. K.M.D.N.B. Aberathne

Works aid
Mr. S. Jeevarajah

Department of Biosystems Technology

Academic Staff

Dr. (Mrs.) Dulangana Menike Hunupolagama
Lecturer ( Unconfirmed)
B. Sc. Special in Applied Biology (Specialization area : Microbiology) Faculty of Applied Sciences - Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Ph. D. in Biotechnology Faculty of Science - University of Colombo
Phone: 0713108799
Email:dulanganah@esn.ac.lk / dulangana85@gmail.com

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Ms. Nadarajah Suthamathy
Lecturer (Unconfirmed)
B. Sc. Agriculture – EUSL
MSc. Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics. – Nha Trang University, Vietnam and University of Tromso, Norway.
Phd. Marine Resource Economic and Development (Reading) – UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
Phone: 0765531576
Email: nsuthamathy@yahoo.com

Ms.Aarthy Mariaselvam
Lecturer (Prob.)
B.Sc. Agric. Tech and Mgt. (UPDN, Sri Lanka), M.Phil.(UPDN, Sri Lanka)

Mrs.Vanitha Prasannath
Lecturer (Prob.)
B.Sc. Agric. Tech and Mgt. (UPDN, Sri Lanka) M.Sc.(UPDN, Sri Lanka)

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Mrs.Prishanthini Puspakanth
Lecturer (Prob.)
B.Sc.(Hons) (EUSL), M.Sc. (UPDN, Sri Lanka) M.Phil (EUSL)
Email:prishanthinip@esn.ac.lk / prishanthi18@gmail.com

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A.L.M Rifky
Lecturer (Prob.)
B.ASc. (UWU), M.Sc.(UPDN, Sri Lanka)
Email:rifkyalm@esn.ac.lk / almrifky@gmail.com

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Non Academic Staff

Mr . P . Ramaneeswaran
Senior Staff Management Assistant.

 Mr S A Mithunraj
Trainee Technical Officer

Mr V Sasikaran
Technical Officer

Mr S Thiruchelvam
Lab Attendant

Mr A Devaraj
Lab Attendant



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