Vacancy Notice: Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies

Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies
Eastern University, Sri Lanka

Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Eastern University, Sri Lanka will entertain applications from the suitably qualified persons for the following posts.

I. Department of Carnatic Music

1.Senior Lecturer Gr.I/Gr.II/Lecturer (Probationary) in Music (Veena)
2.Senior Lecturer Gr.I/Gr.II/ Lecturer (Probationary) in Music (Vocal)

II. Department of Dance, Drama & Theatre Arts

1.Senior Lecturer Gr.I/Gr.II/ Lecturer (Probationary) in Dance

III. Computer Unit

1.Senior Lecturer Gr.I / Gr.II/Lecturer (Prob) in Computer Technology
2.Temporary Instructor inComputerTechnology
3.Assistant Network Manager Gr.II

IV. English Language Learning Zone

1.Senior Lecturer Gr.I/Gr.II/ Lecturer (Probationary) in English
2.Instructor in EnglishGr.III

V. Physical Education Unit

1.Instructor in Physical Education Gr.II

VI. Health Centre

1.University Medical Officer

VII. Library

1.Assistant Librarian

VII. Maintenance Unit

1.Works Engineer (Civil) Gr.II

Note : Medium of Instruction for all Degree Programmes is Tamil


Please refer relevant UGC Circulars as stated below by visiting UGC web site:

  • Senior Lecturer Gr.I/II/Lecturer (Probationary) and Temporary Instructor in Computer Technology - refer UGC Circular Nos.721, 935, 996, 08/2016 and 08/2016 (i)
  • Asst. Librarian refer - UGC Circular No: 921
  • Instructor in Physical Education Gr.II refer - UGC Circular No.03/2017
  • Instructor in English Gr.III refer - UGC Circular No.14/2017
  • Works Engineer (Civil) Gr.IIrefer - UGC Circular No.922
  • Curator (Landscape) Gr.III refer - UGC Circular No.922
  • Asst. Network Manager Gr.II, refer -  UGC Circular No.725
  • University Medical Officer -

Medical Degree of a recognized University with at least 3 years’ experience as Medical Practitioner. The University is looking for a highly motivated individual. Training in counseling will be an added qualification.

NOTE: One year period of service as Intern Medical Officer will be considered for the required period of experience. 

Grating for study leave to the selected candidates to obtain postgraduate qualifications or experience according to the requirements of the University may be considered, subject to exigencies of service.

Salary Scale: U-MO 1 (II)

Rs. 54,380-10x1240;1x1520-68,300/- p.m. as at 01.01.2020
Rs. 43972-10x10x1002;1x1228-55,220/-/- p.m. as at 01.01.2018

Note: Academic Staff members from other Higher Educational Institutions, who wish to spend their sabbatical leave may also apply.




Salary Code

Salary Scale

Academic Allowance

Senior Lecturer Gr.I

U-AC 3 (I)

01.01.2018 - Rs.70,667 - 7x1632 - 82,091p.m
01.01.2020 - Rs.87,415 - 7x2020 - 101,555 p.m

151.00 %

Senior Lecturer Gr.II

U-AC 3 (II)

01.01.2018 - Rs.61,667 - 11x1228 - 75,175p.m
01.01.2020- Rs.76,275 – 11x1520 – 92,995 p.m

151.00 %

Lecturer(Probationary)/ Assistant Librarian

U-AC 3 (IV)

01.01.2018 - Rs.43,051 - 10x1002 - 53,071p.m
01.01.2020- Rs.53,235 – 10x1240 – 65,635 p.m

115.00 %

Instructor in Physical Education Gr.II

U-AS I (I)

01.01.2018 - Rs.38,628 - 19x558 - 49,230p.m

01.01.2020- Rs.47,760 – 19 x 690 – 60,870 p.m


Instructor in English Gr.III


01.01.2018 - Rs.33,100 - 18x497 - 42,046p.m
01.01.2020- Rs.40,920 – 18x615 – 51,990 p.m


Curator (Landscape)Gr.III


01.01.2018 - Rs.40,324 – 3x909 – 43,051 (EB) 44,053- 12x1002-56,077p.m
01.01.2020- Rs.49,860 – 3x1125 – 53,235 (EB) 54,475- 12x1240-69,355 p.m


UniversityMedical Officer

U-MO 1(II)

01.01.2018  - Rs.43,972 – 10x1002;1X1228 – 55,220p.m
01.01.2020 - Rs.54,380 – 10x1240;1X1520 – 68,300p.m


Works Engineer (Civil)

U-EX 1

01.01.2020- Rs.63,155-13x1240-79275/- p.m.


Temporary Instructor in Computer Technology

U-AS -1

01.01.2018 - Rs.33,100 /- p.m (fixed)
01.01.2020- Rs.40,920/- p.m. (fixed)


Asst. Network Manager

U-AS 2 (II)

01.01.2018 - Rs.40,324–3x1002-43,330 (EB) 44,332-14x1002-58360/- p.m.
01.01.2020- Rs.49,860-3x1240-53,580 (EB) 54,820 -14x1240 -72,180/- p.m.



Note: The other allowances determined by the University Grants Commission will be paid in
addition to the above salary according to the existing regulations.


  1. Selected candidate will contribute 10% of their monthly salary to the Universities’ Provident Fund, while the employer will make a contribution of 15% of their salary of which 8% will be credited to the Universities’ Pension Fund and 7% to the Universities’ Provident Fund. In addition, they will become contributors to the Employees Trust Fund under which the University will contribute an amount equivalent to 3% of the salary.
  2. The Senior Academics will be eligible for sabbatical leave for one year with pay or two years on no-pay on completion of 07 years of service. Those proceeding abroad on sabbatical leave will be entitled to receive full return air passage for self and spouse.


Senior Lecturer Gr. I/II, Lecturer (Probationary) in Music (Veena/Vocal) and Dance  - by Practical test and Structured interview

Senior Lecturer Gr. I/II, Lecturer (Probationary) in English and Computer Technology   - byStructured interview

Temporary Instructor in Computer Technology - by Structured interview

Instructor in Physical Education Gr.II                         - by Structured interview

Instructor in English Gr.III                                              - by Structured interview    

Curator (Landscape)Gr.III - by Structured interview

Asst. Librarian - by Structured interview

Asst. Network Manager Gr II - by Test and StructuredInterview

UniversityMedical Officer - by Structured Interview

Works Engineer Gr II (Civil) - by Structured Interview

Note:   Age limit for all the above posts: Not more than 45 years.

(Age limit does not apply to the Employees in the service of the Government Department, Statutory   Boards and State Corporations)


Those who wish to obtain application forms and relevant details could download on the University website (  Downloaded application forms should accompany with the paid Bank Slip for the deposit of a sum of Rs.100/= credited to the current account No: 075-100110000-767 of Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Peoples Bank, Batticaloa and submit the application to the Deputy Registrar, Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Kallady, Batticaloa,” (Either in person or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope 23x10 c.m. in size).

The application forms could be obtained from the Office of the Deputy Registrar/Establishments, Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Kallady, Batticaloa, from Monday to Friday during office hours by submitting the paid Bank Slip.  Those who wish to obtain application forms by post are requested to send a self-addressed stamped envelope (23cm x10 cm in size), along with the paid Bank Slip to the above address.

The post applied for should be marked on the top left hand corner of the envelope.
1.The candidates who apply for more than one post should submit separate applications along with separate Bank slip in separate cover for each post.
2.Applicants who are employees of Government Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Bodies should forward their applications through the Head of their respective institutions, but may send an advance copy in the first instance. However, no such applicant will be considered for interview, if the application channeled through the Head of the Department is not received.
3.Completed applications along with certified photocopies of the educational & professional qualifications with statement of the Degree and service certificates should be sent under registered cover to reach “Deputy Registrar / Establishments, Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Eastern University,   Sri Lanka, Kallady, Batticaloa” on or before 31/12/2017.

Incomplete & illegible applications orapplications which are not attached with supportive documents & paid Bank slip or applications received by the University after the closing date will be rejected.
Note: The University reserves the right to short list and interview only such applicants as the University may consider suitable for appointment.

Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies
Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Kallady, Batticaloa.

Contact No. 0652050695